Hdmi connections laptop to hdtv

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Hi bro,have a problem,this is a first attempt for me,l have a laptop with HDMI and hdtv with one as well,l have connected a high speed HDMI cable,laptop is working allright,hdtv is on with blue coloured screen,but it's showing no signal



note:I have to choose a forum to continue,unfortunately there no description of my plight there,so l have used internet (sorry )

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May 6, 2014 at 11:05 AM
Ok, hang in there. The thing to remember is, HDMI is not a standard. What that means; although the cable fits, the protocol may not be the same. Your tv may be "speaking" one version of HDMI, and the Laptop, another.

Be certain you have changed the input.

Try turning everything off, turn in the tv, then power up the pc.
Or do the oppsite if that doesnt work.