Excel list item automatically generates a new list

zivasi - Jan 13, 2015 at 03:03 PM
 RayH - Jan 14, 2015 at 01:47 PM

Hoping someone can help ;D

In Cell A1 there is a list called "clothing" (a drop down box). In the list you can choose "T-shirt" or "Sweatshirt"

2 other lists have been created called T-shirt (containing "Crewneck" and "V-neck"), Sweatshirt (containing "Crewneck", "V-neck" and "Hoodie").

It would be great that when T-shirt is chosen in the A1 list, that A2 is automatically populated with the "T-shirt list".

Can anyone help?

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What you are referring to are "Cascading Dropdown Lists".

See this link for details on how to set this up: