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I had installed ubuntu 8.04 in my laptop, but i cant get sound and video . can u please help me in solving this problem

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You have to install vlc player so you will be able to play audio and video, see this treath 21675 vlc for ubuntu 8 04
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alright, i used to run Ubuntu for about 18 months and have set it up on over a dozen computers
You need to give more information, i don't particularly care what hardware you've got, but you said you've got 8.04. Is it a Fresh install? What packages have you added and removed.
in a terminal type $ $ dpkg --get-selections > /specify path maybe "'/home/username/Desktop/installedfiles.txt
If your new to the command line spaces are VERY important in UNIX and UNIX like systems. If for some reason you need a space in the name of your output file use a escape character like this. this\ is\ how\ you\ put\ spaces\ in\ UNIX
What video and audio files are you trying to run
Ubuntu by default has a very comprehensive package list on a fresh install. Coupled with its repository list of over 1500 packages its a very good choice for beginners and even experienced alike. standard install i do believe the default player is totem and the standard audio player interface is rythymbox.
None of these will play propriety codes unless you have those codecs installed. Ubuntu is so well written for beginners that it should prompt you when trying to play a .mp3 say and ask you if you want to install the relevant codec. First up open up a synaptic (add remove software) and find totem, and select it and mark i for removal. Then once taht is completed, find totem-xine. accept all of its requirements. then search for gstreamer.
install good bad and ugly this will give you basically all codecs to open almost any file
after this if your computer tries to open a codec it doesn't have ti will prompt you to install the relevant package.

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I think it's like all OS you should install a proper driver to get sound and video...
Make sure that you do not have Flash Player non-Free installed in 8.04. I had to uninstall the non-Free and install the regular to get sound working.
visit mplayer side
you where download install audio and vedio plugin from the inter net
connect to the internet and play any song. it will ask to u to download the codec for package to play the music or video press ok then it will be ok
if am to play any music itb ask plugins and also when i try to install any music software it brings error msg so i dont know hw softwares are installed on ubuntu.thank you for ur help