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  • Version 2.5.2
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xVideoServiceThief is a fast and reliable video downloader you can use to download videos from many websites. It offers a clean interface, supports many formats, and lets you configure it the way you want.

What is xVideoServiceThief?

xVideoServiceThief is a program that allows you to download videos from many different websites for free. Besides supporting many file formats, it also allows you to convert your downloads, tune conversion settings, schedule downloads, and more. It really is a valuable tool.

What are the key features of xVideoServiceThief?

  • Huge compatibility: xVideoServiceThief supports all the most used video-sharing platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more. It also allows you to download videos from websites reserved for an adult audience.
  • Convert easily: You can download the video in any popular file format, including AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, and 3GP. It even supports MP3 if you only need to download the audio part to save space or to listen to the content as a podcast.
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  • Efficient: xVideoServiceThief has been designed to provide an optimized experience. You will be able to download several files simultaneously but also configure your schedules to let the program download content whenever you want or can. That way, you can decide to only let it run when you're not using your computer for other bandwidth-heavy tasks. Moreover, you can pause, resume, or manually cancel downloads.
  • Protocols: It can download content from sources using several kinds of protocols, including HTTPS, HTTP and RTMP protocols.
  • Family-friendly:  It allows you to configure whether you want to allow only certain websites or disable support for adult content. That way, everyone in the house can use it safely. Moreover, you can consult the download log to see all the downloaded videos.
  • Integrated browser: You no longer need to open several pages as it features a built-in browser to let you search videos and even play them directly in xVideoServiceThief.
  • Stay up-to-date: Thanks to the automatic update feature, you will always use the more recent version of xVideoServiceThief and get the best service possible.
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How to install xVideoServiceThief?

  1. Before installing, ensure you uninstalled any previous versions of xVST under 2.0.1 Alpha. That's very important.
  2. Start the installation launcher and follow the installation process.

How to use xVideoServiceThief?

  1. Once installed, you can click on Add video and paste the video URL you want to start downloading the video.
  2. You can configure all the settings by clicking on More options... and navigating through the different sections (Basic, Language, Session, Schedule, and more). For example, in the Basic section, you will find the output format, resolution, and storage location settings.

Is XVideoServiceThief free?

Yes, xVideoServiceThief is free to download and use.

Is XVideoServiceThief safe?

xVideoServiceThief is safe to use and does not contain any malware. However, it would help if you were always careful when downloading files as some may contain malware, and xVideoServiceThief has no way to detect them.