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Coal Miner - Mar 28, 2009 at 07:23 PM
 coalminer - Mar 29, 2009 at 04:04 PM
I have an older Gateway 300S destop running WinXP. It had been working fine in an office environment. Took it because it will not boot. Power is there, CPU heats up but processor fan will not run unless memory is removed - running original Gateway PC133 DIMM memory. Get the proper 3 beeps if memory is completely removed. No video in either case. Can anyone offer a suggestion?


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samantha65 Posts 9 Registration date Friday January 2, 2009 Status Member Last seen June 8, 2009 4
Mar 29, 2009 at 07:05 AM
you need to get the RAM replaced.
then you will be able to boot normally, if there is no other problem in it.
Thanks Samantha. I thought that even if the RAM was bad that a minimum amount of ROM would be allocated to at least show som=ething on the video and some sort of error. Odd, it was working fine and I have one original Gateway mem. mod. and one additional one supplied by Gateway. Not sure how they both failed at the same time. Will get a stick of DIMM and check it out. Appreciate your reply.