Wifi authentication error in samsung glaxy duos gt 7562

 anchu -

my mobile is unable to connect with wifi and it shows "authentication error occurred" every time when I try to connect it with wifi. I have tries different wifi connections but every time there is authentication error

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I found this solution that might work for you:

What works for me is to SWITCH OFF BLUETOOTH. So, when I go to my office with BT enabled I get the "Authentication error" message even though it can see the WAP (and other devices can clamp on successfully). If I turn off BT the WAP becomes accessible and I connect. I can then turn BT on again and both work.

I have not tried to investigate further but two things come to mind:
1. BT and WiFi share frequencies (2.4gHz) so that might be a root cause
2. BT and WiFi might share the same HARDWARE on the S4mini and that might be it.

I did not have this problem before the FW upgrade, and I don't have it on my old S2 phones (GB and ICS), nor on my iRAZR (ICS) - so it is clearly a FW/HW problem with the S4m

Hope that helps - and I'd like to know if this fix works for you
thank u for helping me. but it didn't work in this case.
Didn't work for me either
pls solve this one wifi authenication eroor

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