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Hello, I need assistance for my dell notebook its saying I am missing NTLDR on my DELL NOTEBOOK I DONT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.

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OK, well pretty much your disk has mangled a file that it needs to boot. If you had XP, then go and get another PC or Laptop! It is about support, and XP has none!
Thanks for the help I am new to this reboot so I just shut it off can you kindly guide me on the reboot
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Well, the process of the reboot is impossible. We are not certain if your hardware will run the newest O/S, and there is no way to bring your copy of XP to a secure SP3. There is no rebuild, or reboot!!! I am sorry to say this, but that error is unrecoverable, without a VERY LENGTHY process. I am not prepared to suport that process. GO PURCHASE A NEW MACHINE, or load LINUX to that one.
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Okay thank you so kindly for your assistance help I got to the setting part where you can reboot,configuration, and other stuff but I don't know what to do there
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If you get to a restore screen, then restore to a date that you are comfortable with. You still have not confirmed it is XP (although I am quite sure it is). What options are you presented? Paste a screen shot of what you are looking at, please.
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Yes its a xp okay I will screen shot it when I get home