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I'm having problems with the display screen on my Compaq Presario CQ62, Windows7 laptop. Problem started about a year ago when the laptop started "freezing" up occasionally. I had to power off, restart, and it would start up with no problems. Next problem was "flickering" screen with horizontal lines.I had to slowly move the screen back and forth until I found the right angle and it would work fine, no lines, perfect picture. Eventually adjusting the angle didn't work. The only thing I could get was a blue screen with lines. I hooked up a external monitor and was able to run programs, Facebook, e-mail, ect. using my laptop keyboard but the laptop screen was still blue. I replaced the display video cable but that obviously wasn't the problem cause screen is still the same! Anybody know what I should check next??? I still get audio on the laptop everything works fine (but slow)except the screen! I've tried holding the power button after pulling battery and power cord. I've tried with just the battery, just power cord, and both but it runs the same. One weird thing is the laptop screen changes colors, lines, brightness, ect at start up or when I open/close tabs but no image. The lines are both horizontal and vertical and the screen is mostly white, light blue. The lines are always different colors.

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Aug 26, 2015 at 08:37 PM
Ok, lets try this, just to see....

Boot it up in safe mode. If the screen looks good at the start, but fades, it might be changing modes.

If you can tolerate the external monitor, and it has Silverlight, make it a dedicated NetFlix box behind your flatscreen. VIOlA! A custom made "Personal Entertainment System" made by YOU!

Laptops are tough. You have to make certain every one of the cables are seated! Then you have to make certain your hardware is good. There is no real way to test a laptop screen. Unless you can take it apart, and put on a known good!

In my opinion, I would take the PES!