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We have an excel spreadsheet of sales for the year. The headings are Monday thru Friday. The rows are labeled for different categories. We would like to create a macro to show only Mondays for comparison. Is there a way to do this?

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Welcome to the forum!

Please understand that anything is possilbe, but we cannot do it for you. Post up the macro that you have recorded and let us know what part you need help with. We cannot provide a turn key solution for what you are asking, as once we start, the scope changes, and grows, and we have completed about $1500(us) worth of coding for free.

If you have never recorded a macro before, now is the best time to start! Let us know what you need help (where you are stuck) in your project, because right about now, I can say "YES".

Then mark the whole thing as solved, because it is possible!