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Hello, Could some one help explain how I can simply copy text from a cell in a different work sheet. I'm trying to make a report using the months of the year. As the rolling performance indicators more on I need to have a cell look for the month in another work sheet and fill in the blanks. i.e. I have worksheet1 with cell A2 needing to be populated, I habe work sheet 2 with the data. Could someone help me understand What is required.

Many Thanks in advance.

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In sheet1 cell A2 if sheet2 cell A4 has the data:

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Hello meljam

If you want to do this automatically without manually opening the spreadsheet program, you can write a script for that. Save the files as CSV (Comma Separated Values) or TSV (Tab Separated Values). Excel will work with both. I will assume TSV.

Here, then, is the synopsis of the problem. We want to copy cell A2 (second row, first column) from C:/file1.csv to C:/file2.csv.

# Script A2.txt
# Read file1.
var str content1 ; cat "C:/file1.csv" > $content1
# Get second row of content1.
var str row2 ; lex -e "2" $content1 > $row2
# Get first column of row2.
var str column1 ; wex -e "1" $row2 > $column1
# We now have the value of cell A2 in $column1. Read file2.
var str content2 ; cat "C:/file2.csv" > $content2
# Extract the first row of content2 unchanged into output.
var str output ; lex -e "1]" $content 2 > $output
# Put in the extracted value of cell A2.
echo "\n" $column1 "\t" >> $output
# Put in the rest of data from content2.
wex -e "[2" $content2 >> $output
# Output is ready. Write it back to file2.
echo $output > "C:/file2.csv"
# Done.

Script is in biterscripting ( ) . To try, save the script as C:/Scripts/A2.txt, start biterscripting, enter the following command.

script A2.txt

The script can also be called from the task scheduler, if you want to schedule a monthly task. I am calling the script A2 because, we want to extract cell A2 here. But, you can change the script to extract any other cell, or even multiple cells.


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