Copy data onto sheet only if cell has text

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I need to copy formulas and data from a selection of cells in a worksheet (Figures) onto a seperate sheet (summary).

I would like the information to automatically copy across to the sheet (summary) as I type on the original page (Figures).

I would like the information to ONLY be copied if a certain cell within the orginal sheet has a specific word 'text'.

Is there a way of producing this data?

Many Thanks


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try =if(isblank(cell to be copied)," ",(cell to be copied))
Hi, I am really struggling...
I have a very large order sheet in XL and when the customer enters the qty they want in a column there will always be many in that column with no qty in. to print the order I want to have all the data moved to another spreadsheet so I only see the items they have ordered not the whole sheet with the items they have not
can you help I have tried a few things but cannot get the formular right
Just a small adjustment to make this work

the formular goes into the cell where you want data to be copied into

=if( cell to be copied = isblank(true), " ", Cell to be copied )

and it easier if you name the cells you're working with as mentioned.

We name the cell we want to copy on sheet 1 "Quantity" and we work in sheet 2

On sheet 2:
= if(Quantity= isblank(true), " ", Quantity)

This will check if the field named Quantity on sheet 1 is blank - if it is, it will insert a blank space in the field on Sheet 2, if Quantity is not empty - then Quantity will be copied to A1
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Feb 10, 2015 at 04:16 PM
This worked perfectly, thanks! I was hoping to use this for my situation, but need some help. I have a workbook file for each day of the week that gets updated. If cell E9 has text on any of the days of the week, I want to copy that text to a Monday-Friday summary workbook. Is there a variation of this formula that would help me accomplish this?
I too had same requirement. Provided expression was really useful. Thanks.
this didn't work