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I need to copy formulas and data from a selection of cells in a worksheet (Figures) onto a seperate sheet (summary).

I would like the information to automatically copy across to the sheet (summary) as I type on the original page (Figures).

I would like the information to ONLY be copied if a certain cell within the orginal sheet has a specific word 'text'.

Is there a way of producing this data?

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try =if(isblank(cell to be copied)," ",(cell to be copied))
Thank you

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I too had same requirement. Provided expression was really useful. Thanks.
this didn't work
To avoid having to use any custom code, you can also make a "conditional formatting" for when the text "0" is displayed resulting in the text becoming white (or the same background color as required).
If it is purely for esthetical reasons this might be the easiest option.
Thank you great help
Just what I needed. Thanks for your insight.
Think that suit to your purpose:

Copy in the cell where you want your text to be automatically updated:


This will copy the text of the cell A20 of your Figures sheet in the cell where you paste the formula, only if the cell B20 of your Figures sheet contains the text "Text".

try to add if function with $ sign
Smith 16 12 10 64 70 C
Jones 10 8 6 56 52 P
Tan 18 19 10 88 91 HD Dean's List
Brown 8 15 5 40 48 F

0 F 50%
50 P 80
65 C Dean's List
75 D
85 HD

This is the excel example
now in column F if I need to check the add grades to F2 and copy the formula into other
= B2+C2+D2+$E$9*E2

when you copy the formula with automatically change the cell range in others

try once
hello guys. I want to find a word in sheet 2 and automatically copy to sheet 1 by formula (using sheet1)
How do I implement the same function but eliminating blank cells in my second sheet where im pasting all these values?
I know this was ages ago, but I have the same question as Ed! Any help would be greatly appreciated
You could make the range that has all of your copied cells a table and use the filter arrows to view everything other than 0 amounts. The only issue is you have to do this as the very last thing you do. If you add a line by changing the quantity on the other sheet you have to redo the sort.