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Monday October 19, 2015
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October 19, 2015
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so i fixed my laptop a few days ago and it wont let me on the internet only around 12:15 to 1:55 is the only time i can get it to the internet and all yesterday i could not get my ps3 to join eather im on my land lord internet and my small lap top i can get on all the big one say is could not connect to netgear23 i need help its really up seting me do i need more wifi on a biger laptop then a little one or is some one hacking my laptop at thouse times and on the ps3 it say key might not be right but i use it on my little lap top and it works pls help me

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OK, PS3 cannot connect on N rated router. It must be set to G. Check that first, as PS3 does NOT HAVE N rated Client!