How to remove msn messenger 9.0

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I want to unistall windows live messenger 9.0 but i cant... i go to control panel - add/remove program but windows live messenger isn't there... when i install windows live messenger 8.5 say : Warning you have a newer version of windows live messenger ... unistall newer version and download again the 8.5 version please help me how to remove msn 9.0...thnx

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Go to start\ run and type in this in the command to uninstall everything: "msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C}" without the "".
Thank you

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hi...thx bro..your reply was very awsom..its 100% working..em very in trouble..but u i can easily uninstall windows live messener 9.0 or others... thanks
Hi I tried your suggestion to install messenger from my computer, I made the biggest mistake I'm running windows visa and i deleted Windows messenger in the control panel because unistall wouldn't work then I tried to reinstall when I did this it took me to a page that said I already had it but now I cant find it. So i did your advise i run then hit msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C} but then I got an error that said it only works for programs I have. helllppp
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Have you tried to uninstall Windows Live Messenger with Revo Uninstaller or used solution from Microsoft: ZapMessenger ?

ZapMessenger removes most all issued install or uninstall program that had been problem for WLM.
Thanks that worked , Do you know of a way to delete CMLS from the Temp files , not the internet files. I think its from AOL . Thanks again for the help. Bill
thank yu.. srsly it works thanks alot...=]
Well if you have windows 7 go into the windows icon at the bottom of the screen, then go into control panel. Now just look about and you should see unistall programe, and that should be at the bottom of the open window. Now you should see unistal programe near the top, click on that. Ok now it should come up with all your diffrent items and just look for windows live essentilas. Press that and you should just see all the windows live items that you have on your computer. At the top you should see windows live mesenger click on the that and then unistall and that should take windows live messinger off you computer.
i cant see window live messenger only window live essential, sign-in-assistant,sync and upload stool and i cant find the window live messenger in install file i use window 7 plss help me ... if anyone know i need your responce just email me in thnx for ,who want to help me..
thanks so much!
Thanks for the easy steps to remove messenger.
THANK YOU! I feel so silly as it has taken me months to uninstall msn messenger!!
thank you.. I didnt know it was hidden in "essentials" awesome!
To stop MSN messanger from starting up, click on search, trype: msconfig go to start up go to windows live un click the tic, then apply, click ok, then it will ask you to reboot, should be done
That ms config is good to control programs if one of them is causing conflics with your computer
i cant uninstall it anyway
Excellent m8. The perfect uninstaller did the trick nicely. Amazing the link is still up (march 2010)!

it's wonderful lol......thanks.....
hello,,, thanks alot, its wonderfull solution... thnkx
i want to uninstall window live 9
Windows Live Messenger Uninstaller v0.01 should remove any broken Windows Live Messenger Version with a clean uninstall. You can find the description and download here: