How to remove Net-worm.win32.kido.ih [Solved/Closed]

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There is one virus with the name of Net-worm.win32.kido.ih in our office network,therefore, approximately 35 pc's are badly effected. I try to remove it by kespersky,it delete for the time being but in few minutes detected again. now I don't know how to remove.can anybody help me?Thanks

Primrose Khattak.
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This DAMN virus , I scanned the computer many times with many tools and still the same problem ...

Thank you, omar 20

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I was also facing the same error in my home pc and office pc. this virus is mostly comes to tet system through removable storage devices.
I tried all the tools but they are only able to detect this wirus but can not delete, so I deleted manually. Here are the steps I performed :

==> Unhide the system files from folder options:
You can see the two hidden files, "autorun.inf" and "Recyle" some thing like that,

Manualy select those files and go to the properties and click on the 'security' tab, you need to assign the full control to the user you are currently logged in and if you are not able to assign the permission than you need to click on the 'Advanced' tab under the security column and replace the owner and apply the settings.
Once done then again select the files and press "shift+delete" key and the virus will be deleted from your system. after that scan your system your issue will be fixed.
Hi omar
u right answer. this job is good.
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so its diffrent to remove the worm than the conficker trojan
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Yes sir
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Thank you

Conficker is a Trojan Horse while here the problem is a worm.
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try to download the MalwareBytes antimalware from this link:
then run it to remove the worm.
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scan it with kasper then install kasper internet security the virus can't get u
or close the 445 port from pc because the virus came at 445 port
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is this conficker virus