ASUS worm win32 netsky [Solved/Closed]

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Monday October 11, 2010
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October 13, 2010
 ayamilet92 -

I have an ASUSP4P800-MX desktop and continuosly reboots and has avirus worm win32 netsky. This morning when I try to boot to remove the virus all I got was the windows logo screen but with the background black and after completely boot my pc shows the desktop but darkness like saving battery was hard to see. If somebody can help me please.????

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Please get the problem fixed by getting through the below instructions.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you so much for your answer

I was able to remove the virus by using smitfraudfix program. I downloaded it's free I run it in safe mode with networking I only had to press 2 for the second option and after that appears a message you type y for yes and you are done. But even though i remove the virus my pc continous reboot automatically. It stays for long time on and all of a sudden turns off and then it keeps on rebooting.