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Hello, I have recently put many albums to my phone, I have got 3 copys of the same cd but won't play on my laptop sounds like I recorded at a concert via my phone or rip properly why? The files appear to be the names of the songs and all 3 cds play in my stereo and car stereo,

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So are you asking about the quality of the recordings, or about the fact that your pc won't play them?
The fact my laptop wont play them (I can actually play them on there just really bad quality of sound) I have three copys of same cd one was brand new, I thought it was cd but tried on my ps and stereo they're all fine

Does no CD play, or just these? Do you have a media player. Windows 10 doesn't come with one, you must download it from the store! I will write later about licensing and shipment with OS!
I copied them to my phone through my PlayStation so I completed the task but they would be better quality if I could do it through media player as I had to copy to PlayStation then copy fron there to my phone lol
If it's licence though wouldn't they still play on my laptop??
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It is licensing, no doubt.
Many thanks for the help, and tbh they do appear to be different file formats than the others
An I do anything about this??