Bluetooth needed on my Tx1000-RD223AV

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I got an HP Pavillion TX1000 - RD223AV, I though that I purchase with an integrated bluetooth, the warranty expired and HP does not want to help me without a charge.
The bluetooth does not appear in the HP Wireless assistant and I do not know if I need just a driver or a hardware. How do I know what I need? anybody that can help me will be appreciatted. Thanks

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You have to check if the bluetooth driver is installed. go in device manager and check
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I checked the device manager and the driver is not there, I downloaded a driver and when I installed it, it said that there is not device to install.... do I need ahardware? or the correct driver? if is not in the device manager that means that the bluetooth is not integrated wth the WiFi?
I have the same laptop and it doesn't look good. I had the same problem with mine and wireless also didn't work, the only way to fix it was to get the motherboard replaced on the laptop (luckly mine was under extended warranty and was free but it is expensive to get it replaced.
If you check on the web, and especially the HP forums, you will find that the wireless/bluetooth missing problem is one that is widespread,as well as many other issues with the motherboard. There is a petition going out, with over 2000 names on it, asking for a recall on this model because of issues HP is aware of, but will not admit to. Even if you get the board replaced, it will fry within 3 months and the wireless and bluetooth will again stop working in most cases.