Hp tx1000 boots a Blank screen

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My hp tx1000 suddenly stops functioning after booting it for a long time of just about 2weeks. I replaced a new hard disk, remove the ram and blow it, remove the battery, nothing change. All I see when I power it is just blank screen, not even the bios has display.
Please I need your help.
God bless You.

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Okay after Reading about the Problem with the NVidia and seeing that some had luck placing the laptop under a blanket. I decided to try the over heat solution my self with a hair dryer I heated up the Corner of the unit where the fan is. Being careful not to get the surface of the plastic too hot. I keep turning the unit on and off and about two minutes in the laptop turned on just fine.

P.S. This is not a joke. this is a true story.

Yes to Solution all along was a hair dryer.
Thank you

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omg! you should be famous for this. you rock dude. btw dont ever buy from HP
thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
This really work
thanks for the tip
had the same problem, the computer was just defaulting to external monitor view. after you start it up hit function and f4 to switch back.
Thanks much :-)
Hair dryer worked for me too!! Booted up after 2 minutes with the hair dryer on it. I don't know if it will last but at least I can get all the files I need. But I agree, HP needs to pay for this.
I'm amazed... The HairDryer trick really worked. Thanks for the genius idea.. Wondering if have to carry a ultraportable dryer with this ultraportal crap from HP..

before you over heat take the laptop apart and take the stock paste square off the GPU the put new paste and a very small very thin piece of metal (i used the end of a blank for pci slot) in between the heat sink and the GPU and then put back together and then over heat...
OK GEEK SQUAD here I come.. I can NOT believe that a blowdryer actually worked.. It took about 25 hard starts but it is up and running.. I guess I have a new desktop.. will be looking for a new laptop now.. LOL.. any suggestions..

What is up with this... a blowdryer..? so here in the cold NE you can use your blowdryer to
1 style hair
2 seal windows with thermal shrink
3 dry dog in winter
4 AND NOW I can fix a PC..

Well, the hair dryer trick worked for a few weeks. Then I did the hair dryer again and got another few weeks. Now everytime I boot, it boots to a blank screen. The hair dryer trick has not failed for the first boot but I don't always want to carry a hair dryer with me.

Another trick I have learned is to put pressure on the keyboard on the J K and L keys. This is the area where the graphics chip is and by pressing firmly, it can set the chip back in place. I usually have to dry this a few times.

Can't afford another lappy at the moment and don't want to lose the touch screen functionality.

the next time I have a chance, I will tear the laptop down and look at the graphics chip and see what I can do.
its a common issue to all of HP users but HP itself still denying the issue...i did experience the same fate with you guys having a black screen with my dv2603tx Pavillion, the price of this junk HP product was not a joke but we are so unfortunate HP didint care in anways...im so frustrated of had happened with my piece, I got to a repair shop to fix but in just 3 days the black screen comes up again...i browse the net and I found this forum...luckily the hair dryer charm works with my piece but idont know until when my piece will work...i am a technical person but it never came into my mind blowing an electronic gadget with a hair dryer in the first I thought its a sort of joke but it came into my mind to try in anyways I will never loss a penny and it really works...good luck to HP laptop users...forget HP the next time buying a gadget....thanks to this forum!!!!
Unbelieveable. My Tx1000 was doing the same thing. The start up lights up, the drive blinks, then shuts off. All blue lights on (except internet), but blank screen. I thought for sure I needed a new hard drive. Almost bought one, until I read this thread. Used the hair dryer method-AND IT WORKED!!!!. I'm backing up everything, just to be sure, then I'll try that penny method. WOW. Thanks to all of you.....rick
Its the GPU problem caused by excessive heat that loosens the solder. Desmental the board, clamp or weight down the GPU and use a blow torch (air type) with setting number 2 on it for 1 - 2 minutes, let it cool then re-assemble. Works for me. Refer to youtube for more information.
I have had the same problem with my TX2000 series laptop.
I disagree with some comments that the problem is to do with the display (at least in my case).

This seems to be a frequent problem with Pavillion laptops, and many DVseries laptops were recalled due to a similar problem.
I spoke to the HP Corporate office in the USA (650-857-1501, press 0, ask for a case supervisor), and was told that though it was a common problem, it was not commen enough for them to recall the machines.

The reason I know mine is NOT a display problem, is that if I put a bootable disk into my CD player, it will not load, and if I leave my machine running for a minute (it would normally play the vista music and display the login screen), nothing plays.
Certainly, it should still play the music if it is loading correctly.

If your machine is out of warranty, the best thing to do it to purchase an extended warranty, wait 30 days and then send the machine in for repair (there is a requirement that you wait for 30 days if you need hardware replacement).

Or, you could do what I did, and call the HP corporate office, where the case supervisors are allowed to discount up to 50% of the price of immediate out-of-warranty service.

In my rather extensive research, I did read of people who, by underclocking their machines, and using cooled trays for their laptops, were able to prolong the life of their units.

In summary, the issue was blamed on an overheating motherboard, which can burn up portions of the motherboard, or cause the solders on joints to come lose, causing component failure.

Hope this helps someone.
Hair dryer works!
Hello, I have a TX1000, whit the same problem, lights on and thats all, but, is working now, turn on always to the firts try and I change nothing, this is what I did, is was an accident but works

I disarmed completely the laptop
I Cleaned the dust and I removed the particuls of the fan and of the radiators of heat
I assembled the laptop
I turn on the laptop and I obtained the same result but now leave it turnd on like 2 hours with the lights on
I turn off it and I turn on it some 30 times, and suddenly the logo appeared of HP and started normally the system
But, I forgot to connect the fan and was heated a lot, but a lot of
I tuned off It and I connected the fan, can be seen for the cover of the memory
Then leave it to cold like an hour and since there has functioned well

My english is poor, I used a web translator
This it was my solution I am not responsabilite for wrong result, if work for you I will be happy, for now, I am happy with my laptop working again

I was skeptical this would work...but gave it a try anyway since I was desperate, and it WORKED! For other who try this, note that it did not start up on the first try after heating it with the hairdryer. For me, I had to power it down and then back up again to get it to boot up. So use the hairdryer for a couple mins, then turn it on. If no luck, keep powering down and up until it starts. Don't assume the trick failed if it doesn't power up right away!
Hi I'm following this thread because this seem to be a problem with several models of HP laptops. My Pavilion dv2030ea have the "not boot /black screen" problem as I have seen many other models also have. Turning the computer on and off several times will eventaly make my computer boot correctly but almost never when running on strictly battery. So the Hair dryer solution seems like more of a coincidence then an actual solution. Might be that a amount of heat is whats needed for the chipset to work but there is still a design fault from HP. The general thing about HP laptops is an overheating problem and this has fried two harddrives for me so heating things up can result in other problems.
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You can repaire your laptop which gave me the same problem and I fixed it for ever. Actually I;m uding the same wire now. T he reason it fails due to the bad cooling system. You can make it up.

1. Mainly the pocessor and the GPU chip get heateded the most. Processor heat transfer to the cooling system but not the gpu heat due to the bad heat transfer thing which is between gpu and cooler. When you uesed your laptop for a certain perios of time its getting week. So first use coper coin between the gpu and cooler to fix the gap and use silicon paste to make good connecation.

2. after you done this remove the keyboard and blow the hot air from a hair dryer carefull on the area that the gpu soldered on the moter board. Make sure you blow on to that area and not over heated. It will fix the dry joint of the gpu and it will fix the display and also it wont over heat for to make dry joints in the future as well. For your wifi card which is strait down the heating getting the same issue. Hope it will fix by too. Make sure you give a proper cleaning the cooler while you dismentale the computer which you dont have a chance to clean it gain.

I will love to help you out fix this an I'm from melbourne , Victoria. If you near by I will fix it for you. I'm not good in English please forgive me for bad english.

Hi Acushla,

This was the same problem that was faced by me about 2 months back. I took it to the service center and was told that the mother board would have to be replaced.
thankfully my notebook was under warranty and it was done and ever since it's been working fine.
take it to a service center and i'm sure that would solve your problem.
make sure you have the warranty or else you might end up paying a decent amount of money.

take care...
Hey Guys,

I had the same problem and I fixed it for ever. Even I'm sending from that. Ok this is what I have to say. Tx100 is a good laptop but the problem is the cooling system is not enough to cool the GPU(Graphic Processor). When u using for a period of time you cooling ventilation system get blocked also the termal paste between this two getting weakned. After that its starts heating the motherboard results in making dry joint in gpu to the moterboard. You need to have some technical knowledge to fix it your self. I can help you to fix this. It will take maximum two hours to fix it. Please email me on my personal email EMail Id removed for security and I'm happy to help you. I'm not good in english or tying and sorry for the english typing.

Calm - Mlbourne
The hairdryer trick worked for me as well. Only had to start twice after heating. After a night rest, and cooling down, it is now starting with no problems. Thanks for the advice.
Well, so here is the dilema. I have EVERYTHING for my business on this system. In October 2008 I got this system from Circuit City. Okay that was mistake number 2, the first appears to have been buying HP. So I called the service number and for 2 hours and 14 minutes I went around and around with someone who well could, but couldn't help.

It seems that the HP warranty is bunk.. because the 1 year mfg must be from date of mfg not of actual sale, and who knows how long this system sat in the shipping container on the ride over from some other country.

So, for the nominal fee of 400 US dollars, I can send my system in and they will then "analyze" and determine if it can be fixed. Oh yes that means more costs if they can fix it.

I was told that I would need to find and fax my receipt and give them my CC number so that they could verifty that I actually, "had in my posession and hands" the laptop in question. The moron on the other end of the phone could not deny or confirm that my serial number showed up, but only kept telling me that the warranty was no go. (dumby confirmed to me that they could verify by giving me an answer that system was "out of warranty"
I have done the blow dryer trick... IT WORKS.. ROTFLMAO.. trust me I am not a techie so I found this real funny.
COST 45 min labor
I then thought like an idiot that it fixed it.. TG I decided at that point to back up, transfer move all busines data, files and archives to external drives. NOTHING gets saved on system now.
So I took my fixed unit out to field to work.. and OHH guess what.. doesnt boot.. same issue.. SO I go home and do the blow dryer trick again...
COSTS 38 min labor
works again.. so now the dilema.. do I follow the video.. and does this fix it for good...
also who do I bill all of my lost labor and time to...
$1,300 laptop
$ 83 labor to fix
$ 134 labor to be on phone with useless person
$ 20 cost of phone call
$2000 lost time in productivity
$3537 TOTAL to date in lost costs due to HP known issues and defects. I have not even factored in the sheer magnitude of costs for the pain/ suffering/ and aggrevation which has had to be endured.
$ pain and suffering and aggrevation (i think this is a good place for VISA to come in... PRICELESS)

Does anyone have a billing address for HP, or should we all take time to file small claims, or a class action lawsuit against HP :)
I did not think the hair dryer thing will work but it did. I was going to buy a new computer. Thank You. My wireless is still not working if anyone has a suggestion I would love to hear it.