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 ananth -
I am using ofice 2003(Excel).While opening the excel every time i am getting a popup reagarding the enable macro option,what i am doing is setting the security level to min.Then i am not getting the popup.

This is the message i am getting while opening the sheet.

"Macros are disabled because the security level is set to high.To Run the macro change the security level to a lower setting and verify the macros are signed and trusted"

Is there is any solution to write a macro with any javascript,etc so that ,i should not get that popup again

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Start Excel and go in

Tools > Option > Security > Macro Security > Security Level > Low (Click on Low) OK ....

Now Close & Run Excel again now any file having macro will run without pop up .......
Started Excel and

Tools > Option > Security > Macro Security > Security Level > Medium (Click on Low) OK ....
thisis the option i went for .

But i want to write a Macro with some code,so that it will not give the pop up.(like Auto_open like that ........)
Any idea reagarding this......
If so please help me..
waiting fo rur reply

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