Matching the case in excel cell

 Vishal -
I need to know is there any way where in I can match contents of two excel cell. for ex: A1 has the value A.K.Traders and cell A99 has Traders A.K.; is there any formulae which will show that this name is getting repeated.

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the simplest of all is add filter to the cells that contain the data

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Melisio Masvarenhas
Thanks for the reply but putting filter and then manually checking it for 20000 records is not possible. Is there any formulae which can show me the repetition?

Ashish Ranjan
You can do this by either of two ways:
1. Sort the contents and in the blank column put the formula in row # 2 =if(A2=A1,"Duplicate,"") and fill down the formula till the last record... The word "Duplicate" will appear against the values which are duplicated.

2. You can create a Pivot table in another working sheet wherein put the Values in Columns and the count of Values in Data field... this will show you A.K. as column header in pivot and 2 as its count.

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