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I have a need to create a macro that is beyond my knowledge. I recently started trying to learn how to write simple macros in order to simplify my work. So what I have is about 32K records that I need to extract information from. I know how to do it with excel formulas but even then is time consuming since there are simply too many records to deal with. So I need to be able to:

Step 1 - Count how many records with the same number there are in Column D then
Step 2 - in Column H Count how many records there are also with the same number within the column that associated with the number in column D. Then
Step 3 - For each record in Column H that is duplicated with each record in Column D group each of those with the various unique numbers in Column I. Then
Step 4 - Copy and transpose the values to Column N through X the unique values found in Column A that do not match the values in Column H but only to the first record found in steps 1 and 2.

All records start in row 2 through 32K. The records are for different equipment and each equipment have several components associated with them and column D has documentation associated with each equipment. I hope someone can help with my problem.

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Oct 4, 2016 at 04:34 PM
We do not provide solutions turn key, but help when you are stuck.
I encourage you to record each step that you want it to perform, and change the parts of the code to variables that need to be changed! Post back some code and we can help!