How do i get it all back?

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I used this new system thingy to get rid of all the porno i have been looking at and it erased EVERYTHING!! How do i get it all back all my songs, photos everything it gone besides the porno. How do i get it all back???

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You could maybe try the free 'Recuva' from Piriform (they also make CCleaner).

If they were just deleted without being overwritten at the same time, or some new files haven't overwritten the space since you deleted them you could try a Recuva scan on the drive they were on. Remember that (normally) deleted files just stay hidden on your hard drive until that space is required for new files.
If you want to be SURE that something is gone then use something like 'Eraser' to overwrite files AS they are deleted or to wipe drive free space (where the deleted files are) whenever you choose. I believe CCleaner also does this now.

Also I see you're using Vista. If it's one of the 'Home' versions try the free 'Shadow Explorer'.
This enables you to extract selected files/folders from your 'System Restore' backups (I think - though I may be wrong about WHERE it gets them from) without doing a full system restore. You may be able to access previous copies that way.