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Hello, i've gotta similar problem. i lost sound after an xp pro install. then in my hardware profile i have the question mark next to the multimedia audio controller. i ran belarc and got the "None Detected" under "multimedia." i've exhausted all resources to find audio drivers. i have an hp pavilion zd8215us and hp has nothing for it. any help getting my audio back would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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try this link to get the driver you need:
yeah, i tried already. as i mentioned, HP as nothing for it, which is surprising. hey had all the other drivers i needed except for sound. thanx anyway
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when you install this driver click yes, this time only on search windows updates, itll install the correct driver.
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Nothing about any integrated audio device

Neither in Belarc,
Nor in the Product Specifications
Nor in the drivers provided by HP

I suppose the audio device is hidden because it's included in the chipset. Try to reinstall the Intel Chipset Installation Utility
thanks, i've checked the specs and i already tried reinstall the chipset utility. i thought that would work too. very good suggestions but it's like my sound just disappeared i have a usb sound device as a temp fix Hopefully) but i'm gonna just have to pull apart my laptop so i can visually see what audio manufacturer chip is inside, i just haven't gotten around to it yet. thanx again though