Blackberry mobile Problem

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hello i m harish chouhan
i have a with Blackberry Q5
its now turn off and turn on repeatedly
my phone's battery is nonremovable i don't know what i do
i download auto loader but when i connect my phone it connect and disconnect turn off and on repeatedly

FULL STORY is that...
i want to reset my phone
it take too long time
so i turn restoring on at night and going to sleep
and when i wakeup in morning my phone is dead
My phone's battery is going too low and my phone switch off in their restoring process

my phone show error www.BB Error bb 10-0015

show i download Autoloader and reload it

but in autoloader os i don't get apps like Photos Videos Filemanager main app
they not available in blackberry app store so in replacement i download other apps

after some time i have many problems in autoloader os
so i restore again but accidently its my is switch off again when i restore it

now i m get this problem
my phone don't show error code
its now turn off and turn on repeatedly when i plug in computer or when i charge it

plz help me....
my email - ***@***

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You do understand that that model of phone is over 3 years old? Have you looked here: