T-Mobile change number: online, on SIM card

T-Mobile change number: online, on SIM card

You may be looking to change your mobile phone number under your T-Mobile plan for a variety of reasons. Whether you are looking to avoid being contacted by certain people or you would simply like a new start, this article will walk you through how to change your T-Mobile phone number.

Can you change your T-Mobile number online?

Unfortunately, no, as a T-Mobile customer there are only 2 ways of changing your T-Mobile number: either by calling the above number, or by visiting a T-Mobile store. You cannot just go onto your T-Mobile account online and request to change your mobile number. 

How to change your T-Mobile number on SIM card?

  • Contact T-Mobile Customer Service: You can use your phone, and SIM card to change your number from your T-Mobile phone, by dialling 611 or 1-877-746-0909 and follow the instructions. There is a $15 fee to change your number, unless you’re on a Pay in Advance plan. 
  • Visit a T-Mobile Store: Alternatively, you can visit a T-Mobile retail store in person and request a phone number change. The store staff will assist you in the process.

Does it cost money to change number?

T-Mobile may charge a fee for changing your phone number, so it's a good idea to check their current policy and any associated costs before proceeding.

How long does it take to change your number?

Changing your phone number will take some time to complete, although it rarely takes longer than four hours. However, access to your My T-Mobile account and the display of your information on caller ID could be delayed for up to three days. As a reminder, changing your number will also require that you set up a new voicemail.

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