Open workbook using following code [Closed]

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Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Sheets("Site Name").Select
S = Range("A1:A2")
D = Range("B1:B2")
E = Range("B2")
Location = Range("C1")

Workbooks. Open(" & Location & "\" & S & ".xlsx")
  • Please give a solution about code, in my VBA syntax error is showing

Workbooks. Open(" & Location & "\" & S & ".xlsx") this line.*

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Use these lines instead:

S = Range("A1")
file_to_open = Location & "\" & S & ".xlsx"
Workbooks.Open (file_to_open)

Using the variable 'file_to_open' you can step through and see what value is being assigned to it more easily when debugging.

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