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Is there any way to delete particular Orkut profile with out knowing ID and password. Actually someone created fake ID of my friend with wrong photograph on it. Now he is insulting her by showing all of them that profile.

Please hep me to help her.


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i'm sorry to say but this is not possible!
Thank you

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There is no proper information to delete the account of orkut..someone has created giving my photo on it.. i have given my proof to delete in a legal manner but its of no use.. orkut is is of no use in communicwting but to destroy one's name its best.. please give me a solution to delete my account without knowing id and pasword.. Help.. Give an answer if any checks this out.. plz stop doing these stupid activities...
please tell me how to open the id without password
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the tricks to hack someone's Orkut profile or account. Many times I get scraps/emails from people asking me how to hack friend's Orkut profile? To be honest, hacking is not cool. You ruin someone's world by doing this and that's not humanity. So, I would ask everyone not to involve themselves in this thing.
Lastly, I want to remind you one thing, use this article for informational purposes and to protect your Orkut account only. If you face any Orkut hacking related feel free to contact me using scrap...

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Dear Sir,

This is an impossible task.