Chkdsk/p and chkdsk/r

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I've managed to get into the recovery console but when I type in chkdsk/p or chkdsk/r it comes up with "the command is not recognized" what do I do to retrieve important information from my computer and get it working properly again or is the hard drive no good. I'm not very computer literate so idiot form would be great!

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uh, you typed chkdsk/r
did you add a space after chkdsk?

it should work with chkdsk /r
Thank you

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Actually you've done the right steps, I don't understand why it won't work !!!
I have just been going through the same, it needs a sapce between the chkdsk and the /p like so chkdsk /p. At least tat is working for me, though in alot of instructions there is no space to be seen.

Hope this helps

Ron Gibson
> nosbig
Yeah, it needs the space to work properly!
Actually, you just need is to boot your WIN XP CD and manage to get to the recovery console there. Not the one that is in the OS choice menu.

Press R to enter recovery console.