Need VBA Macros to copy specific data based on condition

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Suppose I file A which contains yearly data which we update on daily basis.
lets say File A contains the data for year 2017 with following columns.

completion date

Now, I have second file B which contains current month's data only that too also needs to update on daily basis.

Now I need macro to be set in file b with button, so that if we click on that button everyday it should copy only Name, date, and owner values and text of that particular date and paste it to b, d and e column of file B’s sheet1
If the completion date in file A is the same date on which we are clicking button then only

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Jul 7, 2017 at 12:02 PM
OK, where are you stuck, the button, hooking into the other sheet, or getting the value out of a cell?

Why don't you record a macro of exactly what you are doing, post the code here, and we will modify it with variables? If you do that much, I can help out, other wise you need to understand that I will not provide a turnkey solution for this type of task, but will help if you are stuck!