Macro for coloring cells according to the value of the cell!

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I have 10 experiments. Every experiment has some info (for example temperature, pressure etc) like it is on the picture. So each experiment takes up a row. I want to compare values of F and G column between them and values of H and I column between them. If the difference is bigger than 0.5(from F and H values respectively) then I want the value of only(!) the cell G or/and I(the and is used just in case they are both 'guilty') to be red and then the whole row where this cell belongs(so the whole experiment) to appear in another sheet(but not the whole row be colored, just the cell I explained). And each time I add new experiments I want to be able to do the same process and for the values that are 'guilty' to appear the whole experiment in a new sheet(the whole row in the new sheet). But, additionally I want to have the ability to choose which experiments I want to check. Not check all experiments every time. Please help me with this you are going to save me !! If you can of course!

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