If i formmy sd will my pictures erase?

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I have two cameras and i have two SD memory cards, i use the memory cards on any of the cameras and now when i turn on the camera it asked me to format it and i don't know how, and if i do will my pictures erase?
i put my memory cards on the camara and it says card error and the computer won't read them.

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Yes formatting the card will make your pictures unreadable.

I would try this software to recover your pictures to your PC and then format the card in the camera.

Download Recuva fro this site: http://www.ccleaner.com/go/recuva.com

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I'm having the same problem as the previous poster...My camera is telling me that my SD card needs to be formatted. This has occurred suddenly after taking hundreds of pictures. The camera will no longer allow me to review my photos...just says SD card requires formatting. When I try it in my computer, I get a prompt to format my SD card as well as the message that all data on the SD card will be erased. How can I get back to being able to see my photos? Why the sudden message to format? I haven't formatted the card as I have hundreds of photos of my newborn on there with hopes that somehow I can see them again and get them downloaded to my computer. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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i tryed that site and all that it recoverd was pictures that were already on my pc what i want to recover are pictures that are on my memory card that i cant veiw anymore how would i do that cuz i would hate to lose them
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I had the same problem. My IT guys simply plugged the card reader into another computer and the pictures came out fine.
Another thing we noticed was our printer would read the card and save the pictures when our computer wouldn't.
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