How 2 recover locked files

 nazim -
plz help me, i was using folder locker full version for protecting personal files.
but last month when i was using this software online 2 download some files directly into folder locker; after finishing my work when i back 2 home and try 2 open the file, it was not opening. then i tried reinstalling the program and lastly uninstalling , but i couldn't do uninstall. then in anger i deleted some files (may be system files) inside the folder locker main folder.
but later i realised my mistake and i tried to take my pen drive 2 my home town's pc, where i firstly installed this software, so that i may be able to uninstall the folder locker and recover my files. but again i got the message that "it is already uninstalled and you can delete the trace files from FOLDER LOCKER folder."
NOW whenever i open the folder of FOLDER LOCKER, there it is showing one html icon named "locked" which is containing 12.0 gb data, but i can't open that icon.
please help me 2 recover my data.

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try to rename the folder and then try to access it.
or try to install the software again and then open the folder.
hope this solves your problem.
try to rename it and then try to access it using a sofware called windows live journal
i cant find the locker that ican rename it.plz tell how can i get my files
i want to open the folder lock software which is used by another user & also i cant instal it again