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For cs

Hello, i have a problem with the counter strike i have window vista 4gb ram and 64 bit operating system there is a fatal error when i used to st...

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Saving pics to a sd card

Hello, I bought a digital picture frame for a christmas gift and I was wondering if it's possible to save pictures from my computer to a sd card th...

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No graphics

Hello, i recently bought a game name turok after installatin when i play that game sound comes but there is just a black screen no graphica but as th...

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Hello, i have 512 mb ram buil tin graphics i play spiderman 3 but there is no graphics but after few minutes cursor in showing on the screen

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Recommened specs. for a mobile gamer

Ello! I am a *devoted* Second Life player (every IT guy's nightmare programme) and I am getting my drive rebuilt (woot woot) and idk what kind of dri...

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