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Buying ranked accounts for csgo is good or not?


I listened from many people that ranked accounts helps us a lot. Do they are safe or not?

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Can you get counter strike 1.6 for free ?


Can I download counter-strike 1.6 for free ? I found this website - REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS Does counter-strike 1.6 is free to download ?

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Install or play games


Hello, can this phone install or play games

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Cs 1.6 bug


Hello, I have really big problem, when i download counter strike 1.6, and edit my name,sensitivity,audio.... in game setting or in file userconfig.c...

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David Webb  

How could i host a private cs 1.6 game server ( to play with my friends)?


Hello, I don't know how to host a private room/server in cs 1.6 to play with my friends. Could anyone plz help me !

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Counter strike unable to load authentication libra


Hello, i have a problem in portable counter strike 1.6. he is saying to me unable to load authentication library, exiting what can I do ? ..... ha...

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Counter strike fatal error


Hello, I have a strange problem on my windows xp professional x64 and I cant run counter strike 1.6 on it. When I try to run the game I got a message ...

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I am not able to play counter strike online


Hello, I am using my mobile to connect to the internet. My ISP is IDEA. But when I start my counter strike 1.6 non-steam a message "COULD NOT ...

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Counter strike 1.6 saving problem


Hello all, I have problem when I start my Counter Strike now I need to change nick, admin pass, and all that, because it resets all to the start [w...

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Counter strike fatal error


Hello, i am using windows 7,64bit,,when I run the application it show unable to load authentication library,exiting..i tried changing tha settin...

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Want to play multiplayer


PLZ tell me how to connect 2 or more laptops to play multipplayer using Lan Wire -- Sanchit Choudhary

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No speaking while playing counter strike


Hello,my name is PANOS and i would like to now how can i speak with my teamates while playing counter there any program that i have to downl...

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razor cs lover

Missing fonts in counter strike


Hello, I have a problem with counter strike, when I run CS all the fonts wont appear , (ex; for New game ,i just get N m e) (for find serv...

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Suggest games low level graphics card


Hello, I have a Microsoft XP vers.2002 pc. I have an AMD ATHLON 64 processor 3000+ with 1GB RAM and 1.80GHz speed. I have a 250 GB hard dis...

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Counter strike source


Hello, I need help with my Steam, Counter Strike Source. When the screen was loading, it stopped and it said something about instruction and things...

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Specs required to play crysis warhead


Hello, can i play crysis warhead in gamer mode with AA full. My system specs are: Processor- core2duo E5300 2.66Ghz Ram- Corsair 4 GB DDR2 800 ...

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Counter strike 1.6 connect hlds to the master server


Hello, If you made a HLDS and start it how do you connect it to the master server???

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Personalize skins weapons for counter strike


Hello, I want to change my skin and personalize it, how do i do it?

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