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Wifi problems

I have a Cox Panoramic Wifi/Modem/Router which is now bridged to a TP-Link Router and my Network. The reason I don't just use the Cox Wifi as a router...


Improve wifi coverage

Hello, My setup is: two APs with the same SSIDs and passwords. One in the living room and the other in the bedroom. Every AP is connected via CAT6 et...


Internet for student rooms, help

Hello, I am converting a commercial property into residential for students, the two storey property is roughly 4,000 sq/ft. I would like every roo...


Low internet speed in one of my access point (grandstream)

I have jio connection with 300 mbps plan . there are total of 9 access points in 5BHK Duplex. the access point in my room gives low internet speed s...

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