Best budget TVs for gaming (2024)

Best budget TVs for gaming (2024)

If you are fortunate enough to own a Xbox Series X/S or a PS5 it may good time to think about upgrading your TV to a 4K display. This article discusses some of the best available 4K gaming TVs for under $2000.

Which features are important for a gaming TV?

  • HDR Support

HDR support (High Dynamic Range) - provides a greater range of luminosity, with a higher contrast, vibrant colors and excellent detailing in both shadow and highlights.

  • What is VRR?

VRR stands for Variable Refresh Rate. This is where the refresh rate of your TV changes with the frame rate of the console in real time, giving a smoother, faster gaming experience. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be able to make the most of this feature.

  • What is ALLM?

ALLM stands for Auto Low Latency Mode. It means that your TV will switch to a low latency mode once it detects the incoming signal from your Xbox or PS5. Whilst being automatic is a bonus, it is not a deal breaker, as long as there is a low latency mode. It takes milliseconds for the input command to appear on the screen, the lower the latency, the shorter this input lag.

  • High frame rates

One of the main promises of next generation consoles is their potential to play games in 4K at 120Hz - which will allow you to play games with 120fps. However typically most current TVs are limited to 60Hz which will ultimately limit your ability to make the most of the higher frame rates. So you need to bear this in mind when choosing your TV. This is also referred to as HFR in TV spec guides.

  • HDMI 2.1 Support

To enjoy the highest supported resolutions (4K and 8K) by the Xbox and PS5, VRR and ALLM and high frame rates, you will need at least one HDMI 2.1 port.

  • 4K versus 8K

Whilst both the Xbox Series X and PS5 are both capable of outputting an 8K signal, you shouldn’t expect to see 8K games to appear over the next few years. Seeing how 4K and 120fps is the main target for the game developers at the moment, it seems unlikely that they will push for 8K, without being able to offer 4K at 120fps for most games. It is certainly not essential, the current price for an 8K TV is prohibitively expensive and by the time 8K gaming becomes a reality 8K TVs should be more affordable.

  • Ideal TV size

Typically, the larger the screen, the more you can expect to pay. A 55” inch TV is arguably a good size for most situations, however if you have a larger room, and sit further away from your TV, then you may want to consider increasing the size of your TV, if your budget allows. You can find the optimum size of TV screen for your room using this chart, found here.


What are the best 4K gaming TVs?

Here is our selection of the best 4K TVs at specific price points depending on your how much you are willing to spend, erring on the side of budget friendly options under $2000 (so you have more money to spend on games). With cheap 4K TVs for gaming, there are some compromises, such as a lack of VRR and HFR. However there are a number of high end features that trickle down to improve the appeal of a budget gaming TV.

Less than $500

  • Roku 40" Class Select Series Full HD Smart RokuTV

You'll find this TV at an ultra-low price ($249.99 for the 43" version on BestBuy) and it's quite suitable for gaming, especially if you play in a dim or dark room. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, from 24" to 75", but only 43" 50" 55" 65" 75" models support 4K. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer VRR and only has a 60Hz refresh rate.

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$500 - $1000

  • Samsung 55" Class QLED 4K Q70C

This Samsung TV is a noticeable step up from the Roku. It has up to 4k at 120Hz support on all four of its HDMI 2.1 bandwidth ports and supports VRR. It also supports advanced DTS and Dolby audio formats through ARC/eARC. There is no Dolby Vision HDR support, but it has Samsung's competing HDR10+ format. It uses Samsung's Neural Quantum Processor 4k for its image processing features. You can purchase the Samsung 55" Class QLED 4K Q70C here for $999.

  • Hisense U7 K
  • The Hisense U7 K is one of the best options if you are looking for a mid-range budget TV for gaming. It offers good brightness, processing and response time, but its only downside is that it doesn't have a very wide viewing angle. Like higher-priced TVs, it has full support for Dolby Vision at 120Hz, and features two HDMI 2.1 ports, delivering 4k at 144Hz, as well as full support for VRR and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). You can purchase the 55" Hisense U7 K here for $600.
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$1000 - $1500

  • Samsung Q80C 50" 4K HDR Smart QLED TV

This QLED TV offers an excellent level of gaming performance for your money. There is support for HDR (HDR10, HLG and HDR10+), HDMI 2.1, with ALLM, VRR, and FreeSync Premium Pro support for responsive, lag-free gameplay. The games you play can be enhanced with Super Ultra-Wide GameView and Game Bar, and Mini Map Zoom. On top of that, 4K@120Hz is supported. Buy it for a price of $897.99.

  • LG B3 OLED

The LG B3 OLED is the successor to the LG B2 OLED and is superior to it in a number of ways. It delivers enhanced DTS audio signals and has an advanced picture processing system, including the a7 AI PROCESSOR Gen6. This TV has an amazing contrast ratio, and while the picture quality is not as good as the more premium LG C3 OLED, it provides an excellent gaming experience. With two HDMI 2.1 ports, it supports resolutions up to 4K at 120Hz. It supports VRR and offers very low input lag in gaming mode. The B3 OLED is available in 3 sizes: 55, 65, and 77 inches. You will find the smallest from retailers for prices starting from $1,200.

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$1500 - $2000

  • Sony BRAVIA XR X93L Mini-LED 4K UHD Smart Google TV

This is a fantastic LED TV, the best in the under $2000 price range. Even in a bright room, it performs very well, and it has all the gaming features you'll want, including VRR support, support for Dolby Vision games, and offers HDMI 2.1 bandwidth for gaming at 4K resolution at 120Hz on two HDMI ports. All of these features for a price of $1800 make you question why you would spend more on a gaming TV.


4K TVs are not only necessary if you plan to purchase a new Xbox or PS5, streaming platforms like Netflix, Roku, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna all offer potential 4K content.