PS3 won't work on my TV

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I changed my PS3 from a 1080i TV to my regular TV. It won't work. All you see is blank screen. I also tried holding the power button but all it does is beep once and turn off. It doesn't work. Please help!

System Configuration: Opera 9.30

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You hold your finger on the power button for about 5 seconds. After two beeps, it resets it to the RCA cable format.

When the HDMI cable is connected, the PS3 automatically adjusts it's resolution. But when you go back to regular cable, it doesn't do it automatically, you have to do it manually.


thanks alot I was a bit worried
thank youu so much
THANKS A BUNCH! my girlfriend almost threw it out the window! ur suggestion saved the day!
okay il try this now then hope it works..... ):
ottoman101....your a legend thanks alot man
The thing is to hold the power button once its off....when u press it to turn it on hold ur finger there until you here a beep and it will reset to factory settings...hope it helps!
if I reset my ps3 to factory settings will that erase my songs and stuff saved on the ps3
> snoop0008
did you reset it??
did all your stuff get deleted??
Anonymous User > danny
no it doesn't delete anything it just puts your video settings to zero

turn console off
then press button 6- 7 seconds
Thank you so much! I was worrying all night about my ps3 not working and $400 down the drain. I feel like you've lifted the weight off my shoulders! ahmen God bless you:]
I have done that about 10 times and nothing...............WTF is going on?
Just turn the ps3 off, but don't flip the switch on the back off. The red light should be showing. Then press and hold the power button. Keep holding it after it's turned on until it has beeped again. You should have to hold it for about 4 seconds. The screen will flash a few times and then return to the non HD settings. I brought my ps3 over to a different house that didn't have an HDTV and this worked for me.
hi my ps3 does the the same thing did you check all the cords in the back of the ps3 and the cords to the back of the tv or maybe the ps3 needs to adapt to the new tv tell me if it works or not??

thanx alot `-` my big screen bulb and ballast busted and I dont have the money to fix right now and have been ps3 less for bout 3weeks until I stumbeled across this site.ryvm for you all help see u in ps3 home Drunkr
thank you so much I was getting fusteraded with my husband cause he wanted me to hook it up and he has been bugging me for the pass two days so finally you saved my life, your the best
You would probably have to hook it back onto an hd tv... with 1080i.. then change your settings. So then when you use it on another tv... regular or whatever.... then it could possibly work. Not sure though.