Has the design of the iPhone SE 4 just been leaked?

Has the design of the iPhone SE 4 just been leaked?

According to a recent rumor, the iPhone SE 4 could feature a design similar to that of the iPhone 14, boasting a borderless screen with a notch for the front sensors.

Apple is renowned for its high-end smartphones. However, the company periodically introduces more affordable models under the iPhone SE brand. The most recent iPhone SE was launched in 2022, featuring a premium chip for performance but sporting a retro design reminiscent of the iPhone 8, along with scaled-down specifications to reduce costs. Currently, numerous rumors are circulating about Apple's next mid-range model: the iPhone SE 4.

Recently, the Twitter account "Majin Bu," a source frequently cited by the media, posted photos claimed to be cases for the upcoming iPhone SE 4. According to this leak, the iPhone SE 4 may bid farewell to the home button of the iPhone SE 3 in favor of a borderless design. As for the front sensors, including the camera, they could be housed in a notch similar to that of the iPhone X, positioned at the top of the screen. The images shared by Majin Bu also suggest that the iPhone SE 4 may stick to a single rear camera.

Some sources had suggested that the iPhone SE 4 might skip the notch and adopt the Dynamic Island feature. However, based on the new leak, the iPhone SE 4 appears to be more aligned with the iPhone 14 than the iPhone 15. This is slightly surprising as Apple has been trying to unify their design language across the range of iPhones. The current iPhone SE does stand out considerably from the new iPhones. 

But what improvements can we expect over the previous model? Compared to the 2022 iPhone SE, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to be more powerful. Apple is rumored to equip this mid-range model with the same chip found in its high-end models. Additionally, there's speculation that the iPhone SE 4 could feature an OLED display instead of LCD. This technology offers better image quality and consumes less power. Finally, it's worth noting that all of Apple's current devices now use USB-C instead of a Lightning port after the recent European regulations that required Apple to adhere to the international standards. 

Regarding the launch date, various sources suggest a release in 2024 or 2025. However, since these details are not officially confirmed, they should be taken with caution. Nonetheless, it's possible that Apple may need to launch a new iPhone SE so that those who purchased the 2022 iPhone SE can upgrade. It would not be surprising to get some news about the next iPhone SE at this year's WWDC in June, so fortunately, we won't have much longer to wait before we have some more concrete news.