How to block international calls: iPhone, Samsung, Android

How to block international calls: iPhone, Samsung, Android

In this article we will look at the call barring feature that can be used to block unwanted international calls from contacting you. We will show you how to block international calls for iPhone, Samsung and Android devices.

How to block international calls on iPhone? 

If you have iOS 13 or later installed on your iPhone, you can use a feature called: Silence Unknown Callers which prevents you from receiving calls from numbers that you don't know. If you have previously called or texted the number, then phone calls from that number will be received. This should prevent the feature from blocking anyone that you may actually want to contact, but just haven't saved to your phone. All you have to do to turn on Silence Unknown Callers is go to Settings > Phone and then select Silence Unknown Callers and turn the feature on.

You can also use third party apps such as the Verizon Call Filter which screens incoming calls and blocks unwanted spam. 

How to block international calls on Samsung?

  • Open the Phone app,
  • Tap on the Menu key > Settings > Call > More Settings.
  • Tap Call barring > Voice call.
  • Uncheck "International calls".

How to block international calls on Android?

To block unwanted international calls on Android, go into Call Settings > Auto reject list > Create. From here you can create a list of numbers that are automatically rejected. You don't need to enter a full number, you can simply enter the dialling code for a given country. For example, you live in America and don't want to receive calls from Canada, then add +1 onto the list, and any subsequent numbers beginning with +1 will be blocked.