SIMS 3 mobile - upgrade house and gardening

mickeyd - Jul 14, 2009 at 04:17 AM
 Age - Jul 9, 2017 at 07:27 PM
How do you upgrade your house? I've been playing for a while (probably 2 weeks SIM-time) but can't see how to upgrade the houdse, which is what I think I need to do to start gardening.

Thanks! M

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The answer to all your questions is that you get offered a house upgrade, you cant get one yourself, when they do offer you an upgrade go onto the little chair icon at the bottom of your screen then click HOUSE UPGRADE !!!.
Now for gardening, its different, you can only start gardening when you have had a couple of house upgrades, then once you have had them upgrades you get a new door, its your garden door, when you go out that there is a patch where you can grow items of food, you can harvest them and sell them at the shop, however you will need a watering can and fertalizer.

I hope this has helped you with your questions :)
But I have a question of my own: How many people can live with you at once, and can you have children ?

Alexis <3
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox <3
You can only live with one person at once because if you move someone else in the other person will move out, and no you cant have any children :( xx
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