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mickeyd - Jul 14, 2009 at 04:17 AM
 Age - Jul 9, 2017 at 07:27 PM
How do you upgrade your house? I've been playing for a while (probably 2 weeks SIM-time) but can't see how to upgrade the houdse, which is what I think I need to do to start gardening.

Thanks! M

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The answer to all your questions is that you get offered a house upgrade, you cant get one yourself, when they do offer you an upgrade go onto the little chair icon at the bottom of your screen then click HOUSE UPGRADE !!!.
Now for gardening, its different, you can only start gardening when you have had a couple of house upgrades, then once you have had them upgrades you get a new door, its your garden door, when you go out that there is a patch where you can grow items of food, you can harvest them and sell them at the shop, however you will need a watering can and fertalizer.

I hope this has helped you with your questions :)
But I have a question of my own: How many people can live with you at once, and can you have children ?

Alexis <3
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox <3
You can only live with one person at once because if you move someone else in the other person will move out, and no you cant have any children :( xx
thank you very much bro
no u cannot have children only on the pc version.and u can invite people on actions to move in with u.
i hope this helped.
-dancer chick
You can have children. I have.
Well, I have had the Sims 3 for mobile for about 2 weeks now and I haven't found any "cheats" but I have found my way around this tiny little sim world.

First, thing that is very important is selling what isn't needed right away. I sold my table and chairs ( they will eat standing), the extra cabinet and the tv. To sell the items in the home hit the select button in the far left corner, then go to building mode. After this is done head to the Hobby shop ( you can hit the select button or just walk out the front door and click on the floating city icon). Purchase a fishing kit at first from the Hobby shop. Fish until your thumbs are locked, lol. Then sell the fish at the Quickmart
Catfish sell for 25
Snapper sell for 45
Trout sell for 50
Salmon 65
Tuna 100
Plus residents like Anya (catfish for 200), Johnny, and Nina will pay top dollar for fish.
You will need a cleaning kit and repair kit - but the first thing I did for 3 sim days was wake up and fish.
My first purchase was a stove, then the house upgrade (which is offered by notice and you can use your telephone in the sim living room to get it for 1000).

Career advancement info
First you can make more money just fishing than at any career I have found as of yet. But you need to advance to unlock more stuff.
So for the science career befriend Anya and have your gardening and fishing skills up) I did this all before I went for the job and ask for a raise until I got up to 260 daily - dont know how to get to the last raise/promotion as of yet.
For the political you need to be at the top of all your skills, befriend all the sim neighbors and be best friends with Ruth.
For the Quickmart you have to befriend Bernie ( which is a bit of a handful he is quick and doesnt like to chat) then you get a raise every 10 days ( with the others I have gone to the final levels all in one conversation). This one is the longest in the career as far as being promoted: the others I have completed in one day with my skill levels up the way the needed to be. Plus in this career you needed your repair skills and cleaning skills honed.

Relationship info
Okay this is a pretty easy thing. Just chat or talk about a skill until you are befriended. Then if you are interested in the sims start with a simple flirt and the bar will show good friend and the date bar. If you just keep up casual conversation and friendly interactions then you will become best friends however, if you flirt, tell flirty jokes, embrace and kiss soon you will be dating. Continue with flirting, kissing and the infamous woohoo sessions and you can become partners. Keep the loving feeling up and you can ask the sim to marry you, which leads to an engagement and then you can pop the big question.

FYI- asking to marry at the other sims house will enable you to use there high end furniture (stove, computer) (Luke, single has a great place to learn to cook) while you save and buy what you need - then just go home invite them over and they will move in. Unlike the other sims games you can only control the sim you originally create and therefore have no combined sim dollars with marriage.
Additionally, you can get money by slapping and kicking over other garbage cans for other sim per request and since they seem to forgive easily you can make up my apologizing for your bad behavior.
where do you find anya? I can't find her. I have iTouch, do I have her?

Wow :) You've put some great help on here, but how do you sell things at the Quickmart? I think I can only buy...
A lot of you are confussed and im not suprised as what you dont realise is that there are in fact 2 versions of the sims 3 mobile. One is designed for the latest phones like iphone etc and offers many more in game options. The other version is what I used to have on my nokia 6700, it has poorer graphics and you can hardly do anything! no gardening, no house upgrades, all buildings are identical and the car is pretty much useless as all it does it makes you move up streets a little faster plus there are no mini games or shops (except the minimart on the phone)

I hop that sheds some light for those of you who are desperately trying to figure out why you cant do certain things.
Rayman (or anyone else who knows), where can you buy or download the latest version of sims 3 on mobile I got mine off this site a few days ago ( but it doesn't seem to get any upgrades or anything after 30 days (game time). btw I have a samsung f480i touch screen if that affects anything.
so is the new version with better graphics etc only available to ipods and ipod touch or is it available to samsung touch to ?
Dude I think there must be 3 or more versions, because I have TS3 on my Blackberry curve, and there is no chair in the bottom of the screen for house upgrades, plus I have all the mini games. I got the house upgrades when the message popped up but I had to use the kitchen phone to access the option to buy furniture or upgrade house. My version has 75 goals but I discovered only 63 of them and even though I did all 63 goals that I discovered, only 55 of them are checked off. so I need to know what makes them get checked off? And how do I discover the rest of the goals?
you need to make diferent sims (manaic, sleeze, jack of all trades) they all have different personal goals that need to me met
use your phone which is located in the kitchen of your house on the wall
There isnt any upgrading options on my phone menu!
shel > lbm/lfc/bb
Aug 8, 2009 at 11:48 AM
hi ya, when I was looking for the answers to my problem I found yours, I have the same problem, I seem to be able to do nothing except go to other sims houses, fish and go to work. I can't improve the house or do gardening like everyone else and I have about 18,000 to spend but on nothing! (how fun)
did you ever figure out the problem? :)

blairwitch > shel
Aug 10, 2009 at 08:46 AM
there is a phone near the kitchen of your house, from there see option which is the upgrade your house. from there you can upgrade your house.
Bunnie69 > shel
Sep 6, 2009 at 05:12 PM
okie guys so the answer to ur qeustions are very simple the reason why u cant upgrade is because the game itself tells u wen they have a new house upgrade for u so even though u'v been playing for a while doesnt matter u have to wait untill u get a msg saying there is a new house upgrade waiting for u and wen that happens u have to go to ur phone in the kitchen in the game ofcourse lolz and go down to house upgrades and u'll be able to upgrade wen the game has new upgrades for u I hope this helped! :)

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I got a spouse and it said I could upgrade :)
Sep 24, 2009 at 08:21 PM
ok so you play for a little wihil and after a little bit you can go to the edit icon on the bottom left of the screen (it is a picture of a chair) and there you can sellect weither you want to buy, sell, move items and you can click an icon on the far right of the three choices that sees upgrade ut you will only get to do this evry once and a while remember it takes a while to get it
i have the same problem, I can't upgrade the house, their is no buy furniture option. their are no mini games such as gardening, fishing, cooking and fixing. all the buildings look exactly the same as mine and their are no other shops except the food one which also sells a car which doesn't do anything. has anyone found out how to fix this or get your money back?!
How do u get world knowledge to get a higherpaying job (for the iPod touch)
Well... knowing there are 2 versions explains a whole heck of a lot, lol! I stopped trying this game months ago. It was, unfortunately, a huge waste of time. I've since installed Sims 2 on my PC and having a grand old time. If you're not using the version for the newer iPhones (and the like) save yourself the frustration and trash the game!
pls aw can I get rich I mean extremely rich in the game
you must go to the phone and there is that upgrade house but it is much expensive ist 1000 but I dont have it am looking for mobile sims 3 cheats
You have to have had the right promotions and the right amount of coins(when you reach the correct level of promotion in your job the amount it will cost will come up when you use your phone, go to phone >uprade house>if there is an upgrade available it will say>would u like to upgrade now>click yes on the bottom left)


And I am now stuck on getting an even bigger house it jus askes me for an upgrade n then my screen goes blank lol ggrrrr
I have the same problem screen goes black and its really annoying :@ it takes money for a bigger house but nothing works....
annoyed > Suki
Jan 3, 2010 at 09:34 AM
does anyone know how to solve this problem?
yes buy an ipod touch!
ipod touches are the best :)
Ha. I know right. :)
How do you get rid of or sell furnishings?
Go to build mode located in the menu icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
y is it dat everytime I ask ana 4 promotion she gives it to me im getting paid 3400 daily in lab 4 ipod touch sims 3
i just bought this today, and i'm loving it.

to get the upgrade 4 ur house, it cost 1,000 dollars. so, u might wanna get a bunch of raises for your job. Any way, you go to ur fone, then select (down towards the bottom) upgrade house.

hope that helps!!!! =) =) =)
So how many times is the exact upgrade for ur house and wat is the highest career job?? currently im a vice president which pays 300 per day, is there any better?? thx for the help guys =)
You have got two times of upgrading your house and you should be earning over 300 if you reach to the top.
You can find your boss in their house and ask for a raise.If there are no raise available, then you reach to the highest career job. Good luck!
i got the final house upgrade done but if u said if we reach the top of the career we should be earning over $300 right? but I only got $260 for my career. it said no raise available. :(
where is it your workin ? try gettin a job somewhere else - the labs the best I think?
go to the phone in your house and click uograde house but u need to have cash to do this
in ur house click on telephone
an option will cum to call and upgrade
Anybody knows how to get a promotion from Genetic Resequencer? (Biologist, 240§ per day)
Boss (Anya) always declines my requests, but my relationship with her is "Partners'
I think that Genetic Resequencer is the top of the line. I can't seem to go any further either.
u have to upgrade ur skills for ana {also my partner-lol}to accept promotion
You need $1000 to purchase the first house upgrade & $2500 for the second one.
how do you know you can start gardening?
hi you need to get the highest house upgrade and then there will be a little gardening patch in your garden and you click that and then your away, hope this helped you .
@ Val you use the car when you walk LOL