How to get max torrent speed [Solved/Closed]

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I have 54 Mbps wi-fi connection; how can I get maximum downloading speed for torrents, please help.
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1. first set your upload limit to minimum.
2. download the file which has greater number of seeders and less number of leechers.
3. settings -> bandwith connection -> enable

More info here:

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wHERES BANDWIDTH connection located on utorrent ? Your first few steps 1 -2 helped 100 percent, your a boss
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Try this 1.

Click on the below link and follow the instructions.

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Firstly, set the bandwidth allocation to high and download limit to unlimited. Then set up the upload speed to minimum. If the numbers of seeders(those from the pcs you are downloading) are more, the speed will be high and leechers must be minimum.
ANd if anyone has a proper and working link of wwe 2k15, please reply.... :)