The best theater podcasts (2023)

The best theater podcasts (2023)

If you are a theatre buff, you probably know that there are a lot of theater podcasts out there! They are similar to real theatre shows but are held in audio format. Check out our listing of the best theatre podcasts and enlarge your horizons by exploring audio shows.

L.A. Theatre Works: audio dramas of any type

This podcast is a good way to interest a friend who is not really into the theater step-by-step since the "L.A. Theatre Works" brings live and recorded theatre directly to your earbuds. Its production of Pipeline by Dominique Morisseau, directed by Larry Powell, has even won the 2023 Audie Award for Audio Drama. It has an extensive catalog of audio dramas, from Shakespeare to recent Tony winners. Check out the podcast and start listening to any audio drama it has to offer on Apple Podcasts.

Decoder Ring Theatre: the best for mystery lovers

"Decoder Ring Theatre" inherited the tradition of the classic programs of Radio's Golden Age. It's an audio series of mystery and adventure tales narrated by talented audio actors. If you are into mysteries and detectives, this theatre podcast is for you! Listen to the "Decoder Ring Theater" shows on any podcast platform.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour: space travels

This old-time radio-styled podcast created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker comes from a real show at a Los Angeles nightclub in the former Coronet Theatre, Largo. It recites the story of space cowboy Sparks Nevada (Marc Evan Jackson), married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle (Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster), an American hero Jefferson Reid (Nathan Fillion), and other personages and their thrilling adventures. You can listen to "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" on any podcast platform. 

Fireside Mystery Theatre: live shows

"Fireside Mystery Theatre"  records its shows before a live audience at The Slipper Room in NYC as well as remotely, but always with improvs, sound effects, and musical acts. It offers funny, dark, dramatic, and surprising shows, and its creators are very inspired by old-time radio theatre. You can listen to the podcast wherever you usually listen to your podcasts. And if you live in New York City, you can also come to a real show: find the show schedule here.

Mission to Zyxx: space mission diaries

Cinematically sound produced, the show is a funny parody of space mission tales: a team of ambassadors tries to establish diplomatic relations with planets in the remote and chaotic Zyxx Quadrant. They work for Federated Alliance and fight against the evil Galactic Monarchy. It's a great theatrical podcast that you'll love if you are into space tales and science fiction. Listen to "Mission to Zyxx" on any podcast platform. 

The Amelia Project: how to fake your death

Have you ever thought about faking your own death? Well, if yes, you need to listen to "The Amelia Project" podcast. It is a dark comedy theatre show about a secret agency that offers a very unique service of faking its clients' deaths and providing them with new identities. Fascinated? Go ahead and listen to it on any podcast platform.

Hello From The Magic Tavern: surreality and fun

It might seem strange at first sight, but once you start listening to it, it'll be hard to stop. "Hello From The Magic Tavern" is an audio show where co-hosts Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore interview not humans but elves, talking birds, trolls, skeletons, and other magical creatures that all travel across Foon, a strange and magical land. Definitely worth listening to have some fun and immerse into a parallel universe. Listen to it on any platform. 

Welcome to Night Vale: stories inspired by Stephen King 

Tired of news? Listen to the "Welcome to Night Vale" podcast and experience the adventures of the small desert town of Night Vale, populated by angels, dragons, ghosts, and other unusual creatures. You will hear its local news, as well as the announcements from the Sheriff's Secret Police, mysterious stories, and supernatural powers. "With its uncanny blend of the macabre and the mundane, the news out of night vale sounds like what might occur if Stephen King or David Lynch was a guest producer at your local public radio station," says "The New York Times" about the podcast. Sounds curious, right? 

Within the Wires: cultural escapade

Immerse yourself into a parallel universe by listening to this thoughtful audio show narrating different stories closely intertwined with cultural and historical fields, politics, and science fiction. Every season is different, so you can listen to whichever or start from the very beginning – "Relaxation Cassettes." Listen to "Within the Wires" on any podcast platform.

The Truth: short stories

"The Truth" is a podcast that features short stories: sometimes funny, other times sad or intriguing, usually about 20 minutes long, although some stories stretch across multiple episodes. Get ready for stunning audio effects that'll make you believe you are in some perfect setting or in a real theatre. Listen to "The Truth" on any podcast platform.

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