How to fix Active Desktop recovery error message?

How to fix Active Desktop recovery error message?

It is common that Windows shows error messages but how do you remove them ? If you are getting the Active Desktop Recovery error message at Windows startup, follow the procedure in the article below.

What is Active Desktop Recovery?

Active Desktop is a Windows XP feature that allows you to apply multimedia content, as well as web pages to your desktop wallpaper. If you get an error message, it may mean that the content is not available.

How to fix Active Desktop Recovery?

To remove the ”Active Desktop Recovery” error message by following these steps:

  • Click on Start> Run and then type regedit.
  • Expand the following key: HKEY CURRENT USER by selecting Software, then Microsoft. Now choose Internet Explorer, newt Desktop. Finally, select SafeMODE and then components.
  • Set the value of DeskHtmlVersion to 0.
  • Save your settings and close the registry.
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