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I have a Dell PC which runs Windows 10. I have two ATI FirePro 2450 Graphic cards to support three monitors. I want to just put my main monitor on my TV to stream video. I've tried to connect via HDMI from computer tower to TV OR from tower to the Cable Box. Nothing worked. I can't get the computer to identify the TV as a screen. Rebooted, Turned TV off and on. So I then tried VGA Cable from the Tower to the TV - each has a port for VGA. Still the TV does not show up as a monitor. So I thought, maybe the computer or TV is confused. So I disconnected the card with the two extra monitors having only one monitor on....still no TV showing up as a display device. Yes, I did the Windows key + P and tried the different settings. The VGA on the TV must be the input PC although I tried them all. The VGA is on it's own card. Any one have any idea. The HDMI cable should work. Not sure why that is an issue. I have also changed the monitor res to see if that made a difference.

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OK, HDMI is not a standard. So what that means is that not all HDMI devices have to PLAY WELL. What you have to do is, experiment with the order in which you turn things on. So, turn the HDMI on the TV to the proper input, and boot the PC. What kind of TV is it?
Mitchbrooks1- Oct 2, 2017 at 05:45 PM
It's a Sanyo HD...about a year old. I did turn things on in diff order and still the computer doesn't recognize the TV. Is there a way to check the HDMI port connection on the computer? What would it be listed as in device manager?
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It won't, only the card that has the HDMI port.
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