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I have a huge pdf file made up of scanned images.
I wish to edit them either in Acrobat or in Word.
Problem is I cannot edit in Acrobat, because using OCR (Optimal Character Recognition) feature disorients the formatting completely.
And converting scanned pdf to MS Word also does the same.

Please suggest what I can do to either:
1. Edit easily in Acrobat itself, without losing the formatting or signatures or images, etc.
2. Convert to Word for the editing, without losing both the images and text or their formatting.

plus moins

PDF files formats have been designed so that no one can edit or modify them, that is the whole principle behind it. For instance, if I would not want someone to modify, copy, edit or falsify my resume, I would convert it to PDF.

Sorry, but there is not solution for your issue except, if you can to redo the entire document or get the original.


meesamnm 8Posts Thursday September 26, 2013Registration date September 26, 2013 Last seen - Sep 26, 2013 at 08:55 AM
Thanks Ambucias for the reply.
I know that PDF files are not generally editable, but what if I have created the file using scanned text and images and don't have an original Word file (on which the pdf is based) to modify and if the pdf file is as huge as 400 pages. Then what ? How can I modify 400 pages ?

Besides, pdf to word converters usually make use of OCR feature to recognize the text in scanned pdfs, but in the bargain, mess up the whole document, interpreting most characters wrongly and disorienting the text completely.

There must be some solution to overcome this.
ac3mark 8017Posts Monday June 3, 2013Registration date ContributorStatus October 20, 2017 Last seen - Sep 26, 2013 at 09:07 AM
So, you are rescanning a already formatted and published (possibly copyrighted) materials for alteration for your personal use?

If you realy had to have this, purchase the fully licensed ADOBE Product. There are people who make a living IMAGINING, DESIGNING, and CREATING SOFTWARE, or LITERATURE. Because they are making these products for a living (profit), they have to protect their PROPERTY!

For some things, there is no eay way to do it. Sometimes the more manure we put on the tree, the better the FRUIT!

I just wanted to interject my thoughts into the task of "ALTERING" a 400 Page PUBLISHED Document to fit your needs.

OCR may not be the cleaninst, but if you get OCR to Put it out, then take it to another task to FIND AND FORMAT some junk by FIND AND REPLACE. So the software won't do it all in one task, you may have to REFINE each stage of the document and tweak each step to make it bullet proof. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right, and most of the time the QUICKEST AND EASIEST is NOT THE BEST!

Have fun!
meesamnm 8Posts Thursday September 26, 2013Registration date September 26, 2013 Last seen - Sep 26, 2013 at 10:56 AM
Dear Ambucias,
Thanks for your prompt reply !
I didn't understand your mention about copyrighted materials or LITERATURE or buying Adobe products or FRUITS, MANURE & TREES. Why are you even mentioning about these ?
What if I have created a Word document and printed it out. It has been signed on every page. My boss tells me to scan it and save it as a pdf. After saving, when I send him the pdf, he realizes that there is a mistake in the email id or date on all the pages or some spelling mistakes in the header or footer. So, rather than having me rectify it all in Word, re-print and get it all re-signed, he simply tells me to rectify them in Acrobat itself to avoid extra hassle. In such a case, what can I do ?

I know that EASY is not always the BEST. But, it is also not necessary that to get the BEST, one must always follow the DIFFICULT method. After all, sometimes, SMART WORK rather than HARD WORK is required to finish the job faster.

Anyways, thanks !!!
ac3mark 8017Posts Monday June 3, 2013Registration date ContributorStatus October 20, 2017 Last seen - Sep 26, 2013 at 11:44 AM
It is I that responded about copyrighted materials! So, it sounds like you are a producer, so I would hope that you understand what MY concerns were!

As far as the Adobe products reference, the PDF is [somewhat of] a printing standard DEVELOPED by ADOBE. So that is why I am asking about a fully licensed ADOBE product. It is called "The COST of DOING BUSSINESS".

It sounds as if you are in the FORMATTED CONTENT PROVIDING MARKET, and a FULLY LICENSED ACROBAT would fix this problem you are facing.

I am currently developing an online game as a hobby. The engine that I am using is capable of producing a fully functioning game for the PS3-WII-or XBOX. But if I want to produce that product, I HAVE TO PAY FOR THE LICENSE!

When I was in the MILITARY, I had to fold my underwear for an hour in the corner, because I kept saying I had completed my task, when in all truths, I had completed the wrong product (IE I folded the linens cross ways instead of horizontal.). I did that 3 different times in 10 minutes. It took my conterparts 15 minutes to do it right ONCE!

So what did we learn from that MANURE?

Is it you that is having problems opening that ADOBE product, I thought I read another post about your ADOBE PRO not Launching?

BTW let me know when you get the hardware together for your LAN that you are asking for. :)
ac3mark 8017Posts Monday June 3, 2013Registration date ContributorStatus October 20, 2017 Last seen - Sep 26, 2013 at 03:20 PM
I was thinking about a three legged stool....all legs must be equal in order to be in balance. SO to parallel with production or deployment of a product.

The three things that I always heard was "Quality", "Cheap", "Fast". So all of those componants must be equal, if you speed up, quality and cost go down (cost = deployment time: time is money). If Quality goes up, speed goes down, and cost goes up! Now watch this, TYPICALLY as cost rises, speed and quality both go up, (cost in better materials/software speeds up deployment time and minimizes mistakes so your quality goes up).

As the one deploying the product, it is your input that controls the quality. If you are in the need for a tool, and it speeds up the production, it is almost your duty to ask for the neccesary changes to take place. Quality is letting the workers work, the best way to make the best product. If managment is dictating how and when, then it will never be quality, because unless they have actually been on the floor, or deploying in the wild, the really do not know.

Have Fun!

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