Missing video file on WD Elements external drive [Closed]

Ask a question MAC - Last answered on Sep 1, 2016 at 02:57 AM by R2D2_WD

I've recently moved to MAC and my hard drive full of movies and videos seem to have files missing. When I hook my hard drive to another computer the files show up but on my mac they don't.

My hard drive is 2TB and has 756gb left of data on it.

I also tried while on another computer (windows) to copy the unseen files to another hard drive then connected this hard drive to the mac and the files showed up.

I'm stumped.

could some one help!?
plus moins
Hi Mac,

If you have been using your WD Elements on both Windows and Mac, it is highly possible that the drive is preformatted in NTFS. If so, you may need to change the drive’s format in order to use it on a Mac PC. If you plan to use the drive on both systems, I would recommend you to format it in exFAT which is a file format supported by both Windows and Mac.
Right now the file system may be supported only by Windows and that is why you see the files only on Windows PCs. The other hard drive may be formatted in exFat and that is why the files are visible on both systems.
Please backup all data before formatting your external hard drive. Let me know if there is any progress.

Hope this helps

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