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How to customize the right-click menu on mac?

As a new Windows switcher, I'm looking for a tool to enhance my Mac's right-click menu and make it more powerful and customizable. I get used to havin...

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Dns probe finished no internet on mac


My Wi-Fi connection is working my phone is able to connect, but my mac book keeps saying dns probe finished, not internet when I try to load a page. ...

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Trashed mail coming back into inbox

Mac os ventura.  In the Mail app, all trashed mail keeps coming back into the inbox. This is not happening with any other email accounts within the Ma...

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Aformatted api error

I formatted test requests for restaurants, hotels etc. (with corresponding NAICS codes) in San Francisco center but got always empty results (respons...

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How to setup multiple monitors on m1 mac mini

Hey I have one ultrawide monitor connected via Apple thunderbolt 3 cable. And a 4k tv connected via a 16ft HDMI2.0 (which is very high quality). W...

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Remove junk support files after uninstall?

Hi I uninstall an App (without an uninstaller - most apps dont' come with one) by dragging it into the trash leaves the junk in support folders. T...

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Rx 6000 series macos compatibility


Just for reference Navi 21 and 23 are the only RX 6000 version compatible with the MacOS at this time. Navi version support is an Apple issue and r...

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Mac is slow after updating


Hi I just started my 2020 MacBook Pro up and it began starting up very slowly. I thought nothing of it but then went on Safari and it is noticeably ...

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Dns probe finish no internet

Hello, I have the error dns probe finish and I have followed the steps as indicated. The problem is that in the dns tab there is an address that is ...

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Cant delete a virus

Hello, I have norton 360 and it says I have a virus, I run the program and it deletes the virus, however whenever i restart my laptop, the file comes ...

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Attachments to gmail

I can no longer attach files to my gmail. I understand this may be related to the disappearance of Flash Player. If this is so, what do I do to regain...

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Alt key?

I have MacBook Pro but am not technologically hip. A bit of a 34 year old grandma when it comes to it- so... which one is my Alt key?

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Administrator password forgotten

Hello, i am using macOS high sierra really i changed the user name yesterday by entering with the administrator user name and password, after that th...

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David Webb  



How do i reset password for administrator and name on high siera

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It won’t let me press mac os extended (journaled)

It’s won’t let me press kr

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Impossible joindre document à gmail

Bonjour à tous et à toutes Depuis dix jours,je ne peux plus joindre de document à mes messages Gmail.Quand je clique sur "ajouter pièce jointe",il ne...

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Elena Keracheva  

Gamer issues

If i can not access the options to change from unknown to known sources and vise versa what can i do to , i am a gamer and i need access to thin...

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A required download missing

Hi I try to download But message is download missing How can setup my iMac Please help

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David Webb  

Je souhaite convertir des photos de nef à raw/png

Bonjour, Après quelques années, je ré-utilise un reflex Nikon. J'ai mes photos en NEF, comment les convertir en RAW/PNG sans passer par un site ...

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Personnaliser les icônes de bureau

Bonjour, est-ce que quelqu'un sait comment on peut personnaliser les icônes de bureau pour un MAC, Présentement tout est bleu pâle, on veut change...

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David Webb  

Seagate 2tb backup + not showing up on mac- light blinking fast, no clicking

Hello, All of a sudden my Seagate external drive is not connecting to my MacBook Pro. I've purchased a new USB to Micro B cable, but that didn't w...

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David Webb  

Reinstallin / restoring

After disk utility I dont have start up as a choice what do i do? -- Mz.LinAGee

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David Webb  

Can't turn off recent items list

It's the default view in the Mac OS finder window and it annoys me every time I see it. I saw a post elsewhere in here showing how to turn it off in C...

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David Webb  

Problem with my mp3 player

Hello, I have charged my mp3 player several times yet still not working. please what should I do?

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David Webb  

Error while downloading tally

Hello Sir/Madam, I am not able to download tally in mac inspite of downloading winebottler. Error Says File tally.cif not found and the file is corr...

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David Webb  

Problème avec tags dans finder, mac

Bonjour, j'ai un grand nombre de photos que je range dans des dossiers pars mois dans mon disque dur. Sur mon MacBook j'ai voulu ajouter des tags su...

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David Webb  

Powerbook g4 no password or install discs


Hello, I bought a PowerBook G4 from an individual without the install discs. I don't have the system password either. I need to delete the previou...

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Reset preferences to default?

What is the main purpose for doing this? What issues does it resolve? Thanks!

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Apple error on my mac

When I was connecting my iPhone with my MAC, suddenly a popup came and showing an error called apple error 4013 and I don't know the reason but I try ...

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David Webb  

Disc recovery

On screen OS X Mavericks Select the disc where you want to install OS X I got no disc

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David Webb  

Error downloading os x

My Mac won’t let me download OS X. It sais I don’t have the application to download or something. I’ve tried everything. It turns on and shows a folde...

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Aoife McCambridge  

Mac os x no mail preference, but no mail plist to erase

I have followed the procedure to resolve the blank mail preferences, however, there is no to erase.

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How to make a cell blink in "excel"?

Hi, Re: "Microsoft Excel for Mac version 16.16.14 (190909)" (aka "Excel for Mac 2016") Q: referring to the cell the cursor is currently in, ...

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Sending out email on mac air laptop

how do I send emails out on MAC AIR Laptop? there is no send to click on

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Continuity and safari tabs will not work with my xs, but does with my 5s?

I cannot sort out why MacOS Continuity and Safari iCloud tabs on my MBP (or my 5S) will not recognize my iPhone XS. My MBP recognizes my 5S's tabs. ...

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Reloading mail preferences

Thank you for your article, but my Preferences doesn't include a simple but instead has a Should I d...

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Reset macos high sierra admin password


I am having trouble resetting my admin password in macOS high Sierra. I tried the steps mentioned here in thread

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Unable to send photos from my phone to my mac

Hi i am trying to send photos from my phone to my mac but it keeps saying that i need to make sure the connections is open. i can send files to my pho...

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How to execute .exe file in macbook


Hello, I just download the msn file to install but I don't how to execute the .exe file. I am a rookie of Apple. Thank you.Configuration: Mac OS...

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Netflix account

We get Netflix on out TV. We pay by Master Card monthly. We have no idea what our Netflix account # is. We want to change our credit card to which the...

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I switched to android, but all imessages are going to my mac.


I temporarily owned an iPhone and recently switched back to android. I have disabled iMessage. Yesterday I sent someone a message from my Messages on ...

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My apple id is blocked


Hi, I am having trouble with my Apple account. I haven been told it has been disabled and can no longer update or load apps. I have reset the passw...

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Sudden extreme slowdown of my imac

My iMac has been working rock solidly for multiple years and as of a few hours ago has been running extremely slowly. We’re talking 3 minutes per cli...

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How to fix error code 43 on mac

Fix Error code 43 on Mac Error code 43

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Screen grab function on mac

Hello, When I try to screen grab, I'm getting a blank/white icon on the desktop. Can somebody please help me to get the correct icons please?

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Macbook pro turns black after a few minutes

Hello, I have a MacBook Pro and when I turn it on, it works for 5 minutes. Then turns black and get back to normal after 2-3 minutes.

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Apple mail taking up 213gb without any email accounts


Hi there, I've followed your guidelines for reinstalling Apple Mail but my mac doesn't allow me to delete any mail files. It's very frustrating bec...

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I want mac themes on my desktop

Hello, I want Mac themes on my desktop.

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Loggin issues

Hello, I tried to log into my account but its displaying this of massafe"am unable to access my account unfortunately to retrieve documents.

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Daniel Telele  

How to write the at symbol (@) on laptop


How To Write the At Symbol (@) on Laptop MacBook Air in langue Danish or in Swedish?? It will not do with ctrl+2 or alt(left side) +2 have you ...

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