Having a Baby on Mobile Sims [Closed]

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From what the in-game actions claim, you can apparently have a child. Once you work up to two sims getting married and build the Children's Store, it SAYS you can have a kid. I was given the active quest to specifically have a baby, and all it says you have to do is get two sims married, then buy a crop and the game does the rest. So I married multiple sims, and bought a crib, and put it into my house. It's supposed to pop up a little bubble where it says "add sim." I've gotten it to do this once, but the household had no married sims? Then in the home with married sims, I can't get the add sim bubble to appear at all? Now in the original house, I've also gotten THESE sims married. Neither household will allow me to add a sim with the crib for some reason. It might even pop up a thought bubble with an x on my active sim. There is zero pregnancy in this game, but you can add a baby and it will apparently be delivered to you. I'm not sure if this is some kind of bug, or if I'm missing something
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I assume that you never had kids of your own...

You have to have both sims in bed then press relax on both sims! Then the one that your not on press try for baby! Both sims have to be relaxing!then you will hear a weird sound and that means you will have your baby! But you have to wait a long time before she has a baby!!! You will notice that she is throwing up and her tummy is getting bigger than she will wear different clothes!

In other words, both must be intimate and cuddle to have intercourse to procreate.
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You can not relax in this version of the game, you only are allowed specific amounts of time to sleep, which is about four different options. You do not get pregnant in this version of the game, as the game clearly informs that you click on the crib, add a child, and it will be DELIVERED to your family. For some reason the add a child prompt is not coming up.

Please stop including advice for any Sims game that is not the Android Mobile version of the game. There is no "rest" feature in this application. There is no pregnancy faze in this game.
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Hey, you never said you were on Android otherwise I would have told you that having a baby with Android is impossible and has never been done.

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