My Xbox or game is messed up

Ask a question Pay - Last answered on Feb 21, 2017 at 09:13 PM by xpcman
I have gotten the Sims 3 on my xbox and it just recently started to not work. I have everything on my hardrive but whenever the start screen loads and I click on my hard drive to save it starts to load then freezes. I've had the xbox for a while but I've had no problems with any of my other games. I tried everything and it really makes me mad because I've had no problems with this for about 3 months but it just randomly started happening.
(Also my Xbox fell off of my tv stand which isn't that high like about maybe a foot) the day before but still all my other games were working. And when I load the game it sounds like the disk stops running.

plus moins
I suspect the hard drive I/O head bounced off the part of the disk that stored the Sims program/data. Be glad that any of your games still work.

Good Luck
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