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Even though it may seem unbelievable now, some years ago, it was common to entertain yourself with the games installed by default with the operating system, specifically Windows 7 or Windows Vista. It was not necessary to download anything or to have an Internet connection. Purble Place was one of them. It is a fun, logic-oriented, and memory game mainly designed to entertain the little ones. Complete the different levels while baking delicious cakes, dress characters, and match images.


  • Various mini-games: Purble Place is not just a game but is composed of a series of 3 mini-games called Comfy Cakes, Purble Pairs, and Purble Shop that address different themes. Each mini-game makes the player face a new challenge and start an exciting adventure.
  • Develop logic: This is an excellent game for children, as it will help them train their minds while having fun and learning logic. For example, to make cakes, they will have to repeat patterns in the correct sequence, let their imagination run wild by creating new characters, or train their memory by matching different objects.
  • Adjust the level of difficulty: You will be able to adjust the difficulty level for each game by selecting the appropriate difficulty level among "Beginner", "Intermediate", or "Advanced". Of course, you can change it on the fly.
  • Save games: The game offers ways to let you switch between different mini-games without losing your progress. When launching Purble Place, you will be able to select the mini-games you want to play, and if you want to start a new game or resume a previously started one.
  • Help menu: If you feel a little bit lost, the application includes a brief description for each challenge and also an additional menu with more detailed guidelines to follow.
© Purble Place

Game modes

As mentioned, Purble Place consists of three different games:

  • Comfy Cakes: The objective is to create a series of cakes by repeating a predefined pattern in a stage beautifully colored.
  • Purble Pairs: It is a classic game where you have to make cards match.
  • Purble Shop: This game mode is a dress-up game where the children have to create a character and choose their nose, mouth, hair, etc.
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What do the reviews say?

It seems many players have been seduced by this funny game and can be considered rated as "Mostly positive".

Age rating


Purble Place is rated PEGI 3, it can be considered suitable for all audiences.

How to install Purble Place?

The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Download the file by clicking on the "Download" button at the top of the page, unzip the ".zip" file, and launch the ".exe" file.
  2. The installation wizard will start, and you will have to select the games you want to install from the pack. Next, check the Purble Place box and click Install.
  3. Once the installation has finished, a folder called "Games" will appear in the Windows start menu with the selected games, so you will be able to access them.

Where can I play Purble Place?

If you want to play Purble Place, you can download the Windows version we provide you at the top of the page and directly install it.

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